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A recent poll shows that 60 % of our viewers think that members of the band afi are the hottest emo boys. Next in line, would be the boys from Panic at the Disco. Which band do you think has the hottest emo guys?

Emo Boys

Emo boys are often quiet and shy guys with a really great sense of fashion. They don’t pretend to be tough guys, and they are able to admit that they have feelings. Emo boys like to go out to shows and check out Emo girls – unless they are gay Emo boys, and then they like to check out other Emo boys. Emo boys are rebellious against the established expectations that are often placed on people. They are not afraid to be sad, prefer art class to gym class, or listen to music that no one else has heard of. They follow their hearts and instincts. They also dress with killer style.


Emo boys wear tight jeans with tight tees that are often a dark color. The jeans are also tight. They have jewelry that might be an arm band or piercing in their lip, eyebrow, nose, or some other cool place. Emo boys aren’t the stupid jock type that likes to fight and intimidate people. Emo boys are worried about being themselves rather than imposing their bad feelings on other people in the form of bullying and violence. Emo boys are super sexy, and their interest in being honest with themselves only adds to their sexiness.


Emo boys care more about art, music, and trying to have fun in the face of adversity than being tough. They are interested in Emo girls because Emo girls don’t want to hang out with the same stupid losers who chase footballs and pick fights. Emo boys like Emo girls because they are also interested in music and art that reflects an emotional understanding of the world and life that football does not address.


Hot emo boys... Do you like them as much as I do ?Man, are these boys hot. Which one is your favorite? Most girls find it really hot when guys wear makeup and have a crazy hairsyle Girls find it pretty hot when boys wear chicks pants too! Check out these pics below.


Hot Emo Boys

emo 1
emo boy
hot emo kid

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Did You Know?
On an average there is twice as many emo guys than there are chicks in a typical highschool school. What is the ratio at your school?

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Gay Emo Boys
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