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Emo girls are super sexy girls with a sense of fashion that surpasses all the rest. Emo girls are like their male counterparts in that they are able to appreciate honest emotion more than the front that many wish to impose. Emo girls do not need to be cheerleaders to be satisfied Ė they just need to be able to be honest about who they are. Emo girls love to hang out and go to shows and listen to Emo music. Emo girls like to wear tight jeans and tee shirts with dark colors. Emo girls might have tattoos somewhere on their bodies like their arms or shoulders. They could also have tattoos other places like their backs or legs.


Emo girls donít have a problem with being emotional. They are not afraid to express their sadness, anger, or despair. They might be shy, but they are genuine. Sometimes Emo girls just want to listen to some music that they can relate to because it is also emotional and hang out with their friends, alone, or with a sketch pad and India ink. Emo girls are often attracted to Emo boys, unless they are gay girls, and they will dig a guy who isnít afraid to admit when something is frightening or depressing.


Emo girls are not all suicidal cutters. Emo girls are just girls who know that their feelings must be recognized before they can be managed. Emo girls are hip to music and fashions that share a willingness to express emotions. People might like to bash on Emo, but that is lame. People who need to go around attacking Emo probably are a little more emotional than they realize, and if they could be honest with their own feelings, they might realize that they want to cut themselves.


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You can find all the quotes on this page. Some are not that good, but some are really good.

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