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How to Dress Emo Tips

Emo dressing it not hard bsut simple in the way of putting things together all you need is direction and you are on your way. So for those cold nights trying to cover up with jackets such as old viet (vietnam style) jackets or anything your mom and dad might have worn in the 70's. Sweater and hoodies are a must, anything with darker colors old bands or even new aged emo bands tampered right on the front is the emo dressing winter trademark. Now we will get into the pants. Let me start by saying shorts are not ALLOWED. Not even in the hottest of weather should they be worn. They are simply not cool enough to be a emo style. Guys and girls can wear the girl pants, because just like the shirts they should fit really tight. They may not even have to go down to your feet all the way if you like the high water look. Even dickies could be worn. Try colors like Blue, Black, Brown and Gray. Now for the emo shoes!! Converse are a HOT must have! They can be worn in any color or style. You could even take a sharpie and right vulger things all over them so your shoes were a walking advertisment. Just make sure these shoes are made in the USA, the quality is better. Older style shoes possibley 70's-80's style are a good start too. You can even get newer knock off brands of expensive shoes such as nike, or adidas the knock off brands usually have more of a different more emo look to them. Emo dressing is not gender specific, guys and girls can wear any of these. The thick chunky black square framed glasses. Also for accessories the trucker hats of any color can go with your emo style as well. So for the emo ladies and emo gentleman, we have now sucessfully covered the way to dress emo. Remember to have fun with it and let you come out. Emo is a way of expression!

How to Dress Emo

On this page you can find out how to dress emo. Pick up some good tips to improve your fashion!

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