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Keep in mind that having your very own unique emo style is much more beneficial then just dressing like every other emo kid. Prior to dressing emo, decide if you are willing to become emo, or if you just want to listen to the music. Do you really need emo clothing to enjoy the emo trend?

Dress emo the right way!

Wondering how to dress emo? Well with the emo scene getting more popular everyone is wondering how to dress emo. Dressing correctly can really improve your characteristics and overall look. Emo girls usually have their hair shorter, dyed a darker color, generally black. They tend to have bangs that swoop over their eyes. Girls usually have their friends cut their hair into a certain style they are looking for. Jewelry tends to consist of many arm bands. Typically brighter colors..face jewelry is quite popular as well. Lips rings being a major element in dressing emo for both girls and boys. Vintage clothing is very good for the emo look. You can find such clothing at thrift stores, or a local goodwill. Some emo kids sometimes make their own clothing. Jackets are very popular among the emo scene, especially 70's style jackets. They give you a very cool vintange look. Beanies are also very popular amoung emo the emo crown when wore correctly

Dressing Emo: Boys

Emo boys usually wear a hair style that is shaggy, much like the girls they cover their eyes with bangs. Guys seem to careless for dying their hair black or dark colors. Boys often wear very tight t-shirts, and very tight pants. Some even wear girls' pants. While many just sew their own pants tighter. Especially in the legging area. Dark colors belts, usually black, with studs are very fashionable for boys.

Both boys and girls sport thick rimmed glasses. They both usually wear backpacks covering with many patches and pins from their favorite emo bands. However, not all the patches are bands; they can just be phrases or slogans they like.

More Emo Boys

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Dressing Emo, time to try it out?

Like a new-age wave of fashion Emo has taken over a way to dress. Many would proclaim it is not just a fashion statement but a way of "life." From whatever race to gender it doesn't matter if you want to dress emo you can all you have to know is what clothes to buy, shoes to wear and of course like every fashion statement the accessories and shoes. Older t-shirts with the confusing yet funny random slogans are a must!! You can pick these up in the kids department or in your little brothers room if it contains any. Since the shirts should be tight fighting even possibly showing your stomach and how deathly thin you are ignore the weird looks when you shop around in the kids section. This is the emo way to dress. You might even quite possibly pull off a (IZOD) polo make sure the colar is popped. You may be thinking "I believe that is not an emo stand point." But on the contrary it is. As long as it still has a rugged look and it fits tight you got it in the bag baby!

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